Violent video games

by al_999_1995 on September 17, 2013 - 9:07pm

Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I was an avid gamer playing on my Gameboy all the way to my Xbox 360. I constantly played different games from sports to adventure games. In time, the older I became, the more violent my games were becoming because of my ever changing maturity. I found an interest towards violent video games because I found it to be more '' fun'' and entertaining.  In recent years, experts like in my article believe that violent video games may cause children and even adults into becoming more violent. They say that there is a connection between violent video games and violence like the recent Navy Yard shooting in Washington D.C.


In the article, it raises the question of violent video games in correlation with real violence. The question is; should people under the age of 18 play violent video games? People under that age are not supposedly recommended to play violent video games, but mostly of them do. 


In my opinion, people under the age of 18 should be aloud to play violent video games. They can differentiate the real and video game world. The thing about video games is that they can do stuff that they can't usually do in the real world, which makes the game exciting and entertaining. If you think about it, violent video games can calm someone down to relieve some sort of tension. However, people who don't agree think that these violent video games causes people who play them to become numb and more violent. They associate for example mass shootings to violent video games. Also, they say that these violent video games are addictive. However, anything can be addicitive, reading, practicing sports, it just depends if it's a good addiction or not, which is whole other debate. In the end, putting the results of mass shootings, killings, rape, on the guilty parties who play video games is just like picking needle out of a hay stack. They are just a really small part of people who play violent video games. It would be something else if almost everyone who played violent video games were felons.


What is your opinion? Are violent video games a gateway into the world of crime for children? Or does it inform them about the realities happening in the third world?

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