Should Canada legalize marijuana?

by al_999_1995 on September 3, 2013 - 8:12pm

The activity of smoking marijuana even if illegal,  is very prevelant in my surrounding sphere. Even if I don't smoke, people around me have to go through mountains not to get caught for a "drug" that seem's pretty soft. Looked down upon by the older generation, the newer one seems open to the legalization of this substance due it being somewhat easy to purchase.  However, the older generation have somewhat of a problem to this due to it being a "drug".

As for the article, it deals with some states in the United States that have legalized it and questioning whether if Canada should follow in their footsteps. It also shows the political stances of the parties in Canada that opposes and favors legalizing it. It demonstrates numerous benefits of legalizing it but also shows some potential consequences. 

The ethical issue surrounding this topic is, should Canada legalize marijuana? 

On one side, people say yes, due to the taxes that would be forced upon and that would produce a profit of 4 billion dollars.This money can go back to into education, infrastructures, etc.  Also, the regulated marijuana would be cheaper. Therefore, it would put the black market out of business and make marijuana easy and safe to purchase, just like cigarettes. However there is the other side that disagrees. They say that smoking marijuana can cause health problems, which can lead to a diseases like cancer. In my opinion, these are like cigarettes, adults are responsible to decide if they want to smoke or not, it is at their own peril. Someone that can decide to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes are responsible enough to decide to smoke marijuana. 

In your opinion, do you think legalizing marijuana would consequently increase consumption or beneficially decrease crimes associated to it?



In my opinion I think Canada should legalize marijuana for a lot of reasons. Since this drug is illegal at the moment, drug dealers make a lot of money since its illegal. But, if they decide to legalize I think it would benefit the Canadian government since they can make a lot of money by taxing it just like the cigarettes. In the article I found, it says that there are about 600,000 citizens currently smoking marijuana, and there is around 30,000 arrests made each year in Canada. Also it says that over 70% of the Canadians approves that marijuana should be legalized. In summary, I think that the legalization would benefit our society.

For me, I disagree that Marijuana should be legal in Canada. Maybe the government would make more profit but the money made would still be “dirty”. What I mean by saying “dirty money” is that it can encourage people to buy it when it is unhealthy. Its negative effect on health is much bigger than cigarettes. In USA, it is legal to buy marijuana because it can be a medicament and over there it is expensive to see the doctor so people tend more to buy marijuana and heal themselves with that, but here in Canada we have assurance that pay for health service . We don't need marijuana as medicine. Add on to that, if marijuana is legal ? what about weed, coke and others drugs ? Should they be allow too ?

Legalizing marijuana in Canada is something that makes a lot of people skeptical. This is a debate that is discussed everyday. This article is very interesting and in my opinion, marijuana should be legal in Canada. From my point of view, legalizing this drug would not increase consumption simply because if people want to smoke marijuana, they are already doing it. It also could decrease crimes because It will slowly destroy the black market that surrounds marijuana. It would be very good if Canada approved marijuana because like the article said, it can create a profit of 4 billion dollars to the government wallet which could go in the education system. Also, you should take a look at the statistics on marijuana legalization on the website below.

Personally, I was in a moral dilemma when I first heard about legalizing Marijuana. Having no knowledge about the natural drug will surely put you in a position where you will ask yourself, WHY WOULD IT BE LEGAL? As a non-user before, I hate to see people smoking pot in the streets & getting high. But I was WRONG! Although I don’t have enough knowledge about the drug I have my reasons why I am favor of legalizing it. Marijuana for medical purposes can be used to treat pain resulting from chronic conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, nerve pain etc.
From a utilitarianism perspective, the greater good for legalizing pot is that, we will be able to cure or relieve such chronic conditions yet we would be able to tax and make money out of it that will boost our economy. In human perspective is it wrong to put people in jail for getting high? We are adults, although we don’t make good or decisions all the time, we have the right to decide for ourselves. What is the difference of drinking alcohol where statistics show that people are most likely end up dead or having serious accident in terms of driving their vehicle under the influence of alcohol?

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