The division by the law

by Louis-Philippe on September 18, 2013 - 10:21pm

This article is about the charter of value that Pauline Marois is trying to pass.  It describes what her project is, in a simple point form which really demonstrated what it is all about.  We all know that her project is a huge subject of debate.  I feel very concern by this topic because I am used to see people of different religion and live with them, but now, we will stop them in the public place.  I chose this article because it starts a lot of huge debates between my friends, because we do not have the same opinion, and are not able to see the good in what the other group is arguing.  This debate is way larger than in between my friends, it is in between English and French people, in between the all Quebec!   So in this blog, I will show the two points which are seen by the two groups and are responding to the question: should we adopt this charter even though we consider the Quebec as a multicultural province and that some consequences may follow.

The first point of view is by the people who agree to this charter.  These people are seeing a very good thing because it will define a neutral public place, without any religion signs visible.  They do mention that the Quebec is a neutral province (and it is in part why immigrants come here).  But this people says that we are not they acceptance of all the religion, we are just a laic society, and they do want to see that in their public workforce, which represent our society.  Another argument is that people who practice religion should do it in their private life, because it is not related to their work.  Moreover, it will put limits to a crisis of reasonable accommodations, because of the fact that we have open customs to immigrants.  Finally, I will not describe every arguments of this way of thinking but the main point is that they said that we need a distinction between work and private life. 

The second point of view, are in a sense more tolerant and care a little bite less about what they see.  I am of this point of view, how does the fact that my teacher wears a hijab will affect the way he/she teach me?  I mean, if he/she is not impartial, it will be seen even though he/she does not wear a religious sign.  Also, I think that a lot of people understand that the religions of a lot of people are very important and that they do want to wear all the time their religious sign.  Furthermore, our own charter of the Quebec says that people have the freedom of religion, but the charter of values is saying the opposite.  Plus, in my opinion, I am just thinking of people who are living in Quebec for 20 plus years and are used to wear their religious symbol and now, we will told them: stop it is not right any more.  What does a person should do?  Stop wearing it, it is not simple like that, to move out of Quebec  even though their life is made here, we are not supposed to impose that to people, or to make them change their jobs, but if they do not have other studies…  It will create a lot of problems and a false judgement will fall over the entire society of the Quebec.

To conclude, I do thing that there is a little bite of good in both ways of thinking, but I am really scared of the consequences of this charter, especially if it remains like this.  So, I must ask, what will be the consequences of this charter on our population, the immigration and on the public workforce?

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