Death With Dignity

by Anthoni Roch on September 18, 2013 - 10:16pm

As I was surfing the internet for a good subject to write my blog post about, this article on docotr-assisted suicide automatically intrigued me. What surprised me the most is that three states in the U.S. (Oregon, Vermont and Washington) had already legalised this practice and that since 1998. I think doctor-assisted suicide is a very important debate in our society because this practice questions the beliefs and the values of a lot of people. Studying the effects of the legalisation of doctor-assisted suicide in Oregon, Vermont and Washigton could help to move the debate forward.


The obvious ethical question that could be raised from this article and many other on the subject is: Should doctor-assisted suicide for terminally-ill patients be legalised?


From the point of view of many people, it should not. For these people, assisted suicide, even if it's done by a doctor, is against many of their beliefs like the sanctity of life. Some of them also think that it is against God's will or the natural laws of the universe. It is a sin to kill others or to commit suicide. Therefore, such practice should never be legalised or even accepted in our society.


From my point of view, doctor-assisted suicide should be legalised but the laws around it should be really clear, precise and also well organised. We can’t let anyone have access to such a practice. We need to state what are the situations in which doctor-assisted suicide could be used. I think that, when a person is suffering and that there is no hope for her to get better; this person should be allowed to have access to assisted suicide. Also, the laws concerning doctor-assisted suicide have to specify who can take the decision to use such a practice. Is it the doctor, the family or the patient? For me, this decision should be a consensus between more than one doctor, the family of the patient and the patient if he is able to make such a decision.


What do you think? Would you agree to use doctor-assisted suicide for one of your relatives or for yourself?

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