Clean the Lakes!

by luca.lamontagne23 on September 18, 2013 - 2:28pm

Phosphorus runoffs have caused many of the great lakes ecosystem problems. Theses runoffs have created zones in the water where fish and other aquatic species can’t survive. This biological problem is the reason that I chose this article. This article shows that the Great Lakes are in danger because of these phosphorus runoffs that come from, primarily, fertilizer that farmers near the lakes use. One of the recommendations to stop this is to ask farmers to pay for the damages they cause to the lakes.

                This raises an important question: Should farmers who pollute the lakes with their phosphorus runoffs pay for the consequences to the lakes or should the governments absorb the cost?

                To this question I would say that the farmers should pay for the consequences they cause the lakes for one simple reason. If they pay each year for the damages they cause they will realize that a big amount of their expenses goes into cleaning the lakes. Then they will realize that if they find a safer way to fertilize their plants even if it is a little more expensive than the other fertilizer. In the end, the farmers save money because the cost to the damages of the lake decreases by a large sum and they great lakes are safer.

                Another person would say that the governments of Canada and the US should be the ones to clean the lakes because the Great Lakes are public property. The reason is that since they let the farmers use that fertilizer, they should suffer the consequences of the cost to clean the lakes.

                This article raises a question that you should consider. Should Canada make the laws for fertilizing sticker?

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