Blog post 2 Abortion

by calvincheng_95 on September 18, 2013 - 9:02pm

The reason I chose this article is because abortion has been an ethical problem that has no right or wrong answer yet. This situation still draws my attention because I do not think that an answer can be given. In general I would say that this problem represent the human rights of the newborn and the mother. So, should abortion, after a heartbeat is heard from the fetus, be allowed?

From my point of view, I think that abortion should be allowed because it contradicts the universal law about human rights. It is true that a baby that has not yet been born is still considered a human with his rights but why would people say that if they don’t even give rights to their child. In addition, if a mother decides to abort their baby they may have had passed through a great hardship in order to arrive at her final decision. If a law is passed down that abortion is not allowed, then that would imply that women have no liberty to choose her decisions. That is why I think that abortion should be allowed under certain circumstances.

Other may say that abortion should not be allowed because it goes against the law of God. It may be true, but is it not against God if a woman got pregnant from being raped? What I mean is that the man that raped the woman is going against the will of God. That is why God cannot be an answer to this problem. Other will also say that the baby is innocent therefore we should prevent abortion. Even if the baby is innocent, it still implies that the baby came from a woman that got raped and it is to the woman’s decision to make her choice. Sometimes, the condition of the family has to be taken into consideration because if the woman cannot afford money for a baby, then a fetus being aborted is similar to a child dying from starvation.

I think that killing fetus with a heartbeat should not be considered as a crime because it is according to human rights that the woman can make her decision. Is it not possible to have a law for human rights without having a contradiction in them?


Abortion is a very delicate and controversial subject and these kinds of subjects always make me curious. I have seen many debates and even listened to a documentary on abortion in Quebec and, with time, I have come to pick a side and have my own opinion and arguments. Therefore, when I saw this blog post I knew that I was going to take this opportunity and write my comment on it.
To answer your question, is it possible to make laws that will always be in agreement with human rights, I will say no it isn’t. Indeed, it seems that it is almost impossible to respect one law without ignoring one aspect of the human rights. For example, for abortion you can’t abort the baby without breaking the human rights law about the right to live. Furthermore, you can’t force the mother to keep the baby without taking the woman’s freedom of expression (choice). In many other debates, there is this same problem where it is almost impossible to create a law that will respect the human rights and make everybody happy. Apart from abortion, there is the debate about euthanasia and even the charter of values that have this problem.
Furthermore, to answer you ethical question which is, should abortion after a heartbeat from the foetus be allowed, I say yes. I am for abortion because I think that if the mother or the family doesn’t want the baby than there is no point in arguing. Furthermore, forcing the mother to have a baby doesn’t only goes against the human right laws about the freedom of choice or expression, but also the poor baby will have a mother who didn’t even want him. I am for abortion because most of the time it is better for the foetus (or baby) to never come into this world because he might not get the life that he deserves.
You presented pretty good arguments and I agree with them. I also think that laws against abortion shouldn’t be imposed because in some cases where the woman has been raped it will be totally wrong to force her to keep the foetus. I also agree with your argument about the freedom of choice of a woman and furthermore it is her body and her foetus and she can do whatever she wants. It is something private and nobody else’s business especially not the government. I think you gave a very good argument when you mentioned that some families can’t afford to have a baby because of their financial status and this supports my point of view that some babies shouldn’t be born because they might end up living miserable lives and they deserve better.
If you are interested there is an article about the foetus, its growth and when it starts to feel pain if somebody decides to undergo an abortion.

I agree with you when you say that abortion should be allowed because it contradicts the universal law of human rights. But it should not be under certain circumstance it should be in all case whether it be rape, an accident, one drunk night. Whether you are a teen or an adult everyone was the right to make the decision on keeping a child or not. I would prefer abortion and someone having a child and will not be able to provide or care for it. Everyone with no exception has the right to do what they want to do with their lives.
In the article I put below a women was arrested for killing her fetus and was place directly in jail without trail.