Why schools should start later

by Brandon on September 16, 2015 - 9:49pm

Of all the years that I have been going to school, the main complaint that I have is that school starts way too early which means that am no getting enough sleep and I am tired when I go into school. This is a very big problem mainly because if all of the students are tired when they get into school every day, it will really effect the first half of their learning period because they won’t be able to retain the information that they are learning as well as they would if they had gotten an extra hour or two of sleep due to schools starting later in the day. I found a good article describing why schools should start later and will talk about it in detail below.
Many students and teacher alike are saying that schools need to start later because they will have much better benefits if they get some extra sleep instead of having to wake up early to make it to school. The CDC’S recommendation for students is to get at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night before school. But is that really possible with things like homework and studying that has to be all done the night before? The short answer is no. And the school times need to change. In more than 40 states in the US alone, 75% of schools are starting before 830 which means that the average student needs to wake up around 7 to make it to school on time, which is way too early and the brain will not function properly if it doesn’t get the rest that it needs. A group of researchers did a study and analyzed data from over 9000 students at different school in the US and found out that shifting the school day starting later in the morning, early afternoon resulted in a large boost in attendance, test scores and overall grades for math and English.  
As you can see, after reading that article there are many reasons why schools should start later and I think that it would benefit the school community as a whole because people would be happier in mornings because they would not have to get up at a really early hour just to catch that bus or metro at a specific time to be in class for exactly 8am. As someone who lives 45 minutes from school I would greatly appreciate if this were implemented in our systems because I think that the overall results would really speak for themselves about this issue. 


I agree with you Brandon, school should start later. According to a research, teenagers need between 8h30 and 9h30 of sleep. As you said, with school, homework, extracurricular activities and work, it becomes very difficult to get this amount of sleep . Futhermore, during adolescence, the ''internal clock'' changes for a teenager. For example, before his adolescence a kid, will fall asleep around eight o'clock, but a teenager will fall asleep around eleven. Indeed, to have his recommended hours of sleep, he will need to wake up the next morning around eight. However, only few schools in Quebec have a schedule who allows their students to have enough our of sleeping.

Link: https://sleepfoundation.org/sleep-news/backgrounder-later-school-start-t...

Hi, I just wanted to say (for an assignment) that I think your article is a strong inductive argument because your premises are supported by a relevant figure of authority and because they are recent (but even if they were old, it wouldn't change much because the need for sleep is something that hasn't changed since then). I get the point you are trying to make and agree with it, however, I think that there might be a generalization when you say that all students are tired in the morning, because not everyone is. Overall, your argument is inductive because it is based on probability and is not guaranteed 100%, and I find your conclusion acceptable because your premises are (acceptable) and because it is highly probable according to the arguments that were given, that school should in fact start later.

I greatly agree with what you are saying in many different ways. When children reach puberty, they biologically tend to go to sleep later, as well as wake up later in the mornings. As you can see, schools aren’t adapted to this king of schedule. I don’t know for sure but maybe this is due to the continuity of tradition, where children used to wake up early in the morning in order to help their families during the day.
Also, the fact that schools are starting earlier doesn’t only affect grades and performance in school. They can also affect the safety of the students as well as promote conflict with family and friends. This may seem a bit far-fetched but these statements are all related to the lack of sleep. Many studies have proven that the lack of sleep can affect an individual’s senses, such as awareness of his surroundings. Source: http://center4research.org/child-teen-health/early-morning-classes-sleep... If, for example, a student drives back from school not getting enough sleep, his reflexes are affected and can be dangerous on the road. Also, the lack of sleep can cause lack of judgement and bad control of emotions, so family discussions can easily escalate in conflicts.
This being said, I think that students should be able to choose at which time they want to start taking their classes. Everybody is different and there may be some cases where students prefer taking classes early in the morning or later in the evening. Nevertheless, I completely agree that schools should reform their schedules in order to not only improve the students concentration and learning in class, but also for their benefit in other aspects of their life. Here are other consequences regarding the lack of sleep that I also fond interesting:

As far as I'm concerned, I agree that schools should start later. Heavy homework sometimes cost too much time at night and students still have to come to class early as 8:00 am, it looks not that flexible, when students do not get enough sleep, they can not pay attention to their lectures. It is true, students need enough sleep to maintain good conditions. However, stand on educators' views, I think it is not easy as just start class later. Educators have to consider much more than students' health and grades, one of them is unlocking students' potential, I have some certain guesswork to support my idea. School for students is not just about study knowledge, it could measure students' other abilities, such as tolerance of pressure, organized ability. For example, come to school at 8:30 is not easy, needless to say have to finish homework at night, but most students still have prefect performance, what's more, some students finish homework too late to have enough sleep, but their are many students organize their study plan very well, so that homework for them is not a problem. These students who withstood the test will be more competitive in the future, they are potential students, and state or our social need these kind of students.
To sum up, although I believe that schools start later is both benefit for students and teacher, but educator or educational department have their own consider, I don't think the start time will change in the future.

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