Travelling is knowlege

by kashhhdoche on September 24, 2015 - 11:40pm

Would you say that we gain all our knowledge from school? Probably not. You might be thinking that reading, interacting and experiencing are some things that allow us to learn and gain knowledge. Travelling, for instance, is one of those amazing ways to gain knowledge!


Research shows that people who travel have the most knowledge. Many people also decide to study abroad in different countries. These people not only tend to be more open-minded, but they also get to discover so much more. When you open up your eyes to the world, you see things through different perspectives, meet new people, discover new cultures, etc. When a traveler is open-minded, it is easy to realize that some things have multiple meanings.  

All this to say, travelling the world only has benefits, because it opens up our perspective on things and teaches us so much on how everything might not be exactly as it seems.  


I really liked your post, I think that what you said is very true and you communicated it very well! I have travelled a lot in my life, lived in various places and visited a lot and I feel I have gained so much knowledge from my experiences. I am sure that my view of the world is different from the view of one who has never travelled, not that one is better than the other is they are just different. Travelling enables one to gain so much knowledge on different cultures around the world, on the ways different people live, etc. I believe travelling has made me more open-minded on other countries and it has taught me to learn from people whose background is different from mine. I completely agree with you! Travelling also has other benefits, such as the ones mentioned on this BBC News article “Can Travelling Make You Healthier” (, written by Husna Haq on January 31st, 2013. For example, students who have travelled have two times as many chances of obtaining a college degree than one who has not travelled. You should check it out!