Personal Choice or No?

by nicholas_insana. on November 7, 2016 - 6:16pm

When the term “abrortion” comes up in a normal conversation between anyone a heated argument usually occurs. It is very hard for a solution to come about when most of the country is 50/50 about an important social issue. As this issue effects the male and female race it is mainly argued by the people that actually have the choice which are females. When it comes to voting women have won their rights and is currently not the problem, the new problem is abortion. Who is against is and who is for it and is it a personal choice? As It is hard to decide which one it is this article made it little easier to understand. In September of 2012 a lecture at Indiana University done by Addison C. Harris about abortion. How women suffrage is a huge factor and women fighting for their abortion rights. Women want the option to be able to have the choice what they want to do with their bodies. A U.S. Supreme Court case between Roe V. Wade which had a huge impact on the abortion law. Other women do not feel as though its right and it is harming a human being. There are also many abortion and contraception laws that already take place in some states. The up rise of so many anti-abortion women that are finally standing out and protesting. I feel that this relates to me because I don’t have a personal relation with anyone that does but I feel strongly about abortion. It is a worldwide social issue that tears families and women apart. A solution must be made even though not everyone wins. 


This post made me think about an issue I hadn’t considered before because I am not a female but it does pose a big issue in today’s society which is what drew me to this post. Abortion has always been a sensitive topic because as said in the post, not everyone can win. I believe that abortion should be allowed because every woman should have the right to do what they feel is best for themselves. Yes, abortion does take the possible life of someone away but if you are not in the right circumstances to provide for that child then they could end up having a really hard life. Also, when thinking about abortion the decision is obviously not taken lightly so if someone feels as though abortion is the right decision then they put a lot of thought into it and really assessed what’s best for them and their unborn fetus. It makes me think about individual freedom and human rights. No matter what type of law or restrictions concerning abortion was to be put in place, I do not think that it would have an effect on people’s opinion on final decision making. At the end of the day, you have put in mind that it is their body and any decisions concerning their body, once again is theirs to make.

I was drawn to this post when i was scrolling through all the other simple because i seen the word abortion an I too feel strongly about it so i wanted to see if you had chosen a side. After reading this i we are both on the same "side" about abortion. I am completely against abortion under any circumstance EXCEPT rape. any other i feel you made the chose to have sex with out protection (or with an got unlucky) but at the end of the day the baby inside you is yours. Arguments could be made about a fetus an whether or not it's alive but thats a whole new line of argument. In our class we(i) cant really connect anything to this post. Being we talk about race more an white privileged kind of topics. But it would be nice to know what race has had the most abortions black, white, asians etc. Also the way you summarize the article made me actually curious to know what else is said in this article i think it was very well written, and right to the major points.

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