Should we legalize marijuana?

by Paradis1234 on September 11, 2016 - 10:21am

One of the biggest debates right now is about the legalization of marijuana. It shouldn't be legalized because of the effects that come with it. It's in the same categorie as alcohol. It's not a safe way to stop the illegal traffic because consumers will turn themselves to different drugs witch are even more unsafe to use. It's important at this point to see how hard it is to completely stop an illegal activity such as drug dealing. People will always find a way to buy this drug even if it's considered legal. Another important question is what do we do with all the prisonners that are in jail because of this specific type of drug. It's important to make a good plan and to study all the different options before making an important decision like this. 



I was interested by this subject because I know that it is a debatable topic in our society today. After reading what you wrote, in my opinion I feel as though you are using the "slippery slope" fallacy. What I mean by that is that you assume that the legalization of marijuana will create a snowball effect without giving any justification as to why. You want to convince your readers but there isn't any statistics or information backing you up. Feel free to comment back with any explanations or more information!
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Hi, although I disagree with what you're saying, I find that it's interesting to hear another side of the argument.

I believe this entire write-up screams hasty generalization. Saying things like marijuana is in the same category as alcohol or that it's a gateway, for all users, into harder, more dangerous, drugs is assuming a lot about the drug and its users. If alcohol is in the same category as marijuana and marijuana users are bound to use more dangerous substances, how come all alcohol drinkers aren't shooting heroin or smoking crack? This is putting an umbrella over all marijuana users and assuming something about all of them.

Just a side note, I would like to mention something you wrote earlier, "People will always find a way to buy this drug even if it's considered legal." This doesn't make sense to me because if marijuana is legal, then people will definitely have a way to buy it. At a dispensary. Legally. Correct me if I'm misinterpreting what you're saying though.

Also, I feel like I should question your research methods. There's no numbers backing this up, like you could have said something along the lines of (I'm making this statistic up), "Out of 5000 marijuana users studied over the course of a year, all 5000 of them died from marijuana use." Obviously that's made up and untrue, but if it were true, maybe that would make me consider your points more and take them seriously.

Finally, I feel like I went a bit hard on you, but I would really like you to know that I was fascinated with your opinion and dissecting it. With that being said, if you would to continue this dialogue, feel free to comment.

I see your point there but I don't think the danger comes from the marijuana itself, the real danger comes from the addiction. After all Marijuana is now already prescribe as a cure for certain types of illness. Also, if the government legalize marijuana it will be more safe since they won’t put bad stuff in it, they will probably have some standard, something your local dealer don’t have. The only danger here is the addiction and if this drug will be legalize, it will be controlled.


This subject is interesting because people have all differents idea about it. I think that we should legalize marijuana because it will maybe increase crime realated to this drug. In the world, there will always have traffic so, if we can stop one, it's a good thing no? If the government legalize marijuana, prisonners who are in jail because of this drug will not get out of it because when they got caught, marijuana was not legalize so it was a crime. Also, the income from the marijuana sell would be something incredible for the economy of the country.

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