Legalizing Marijuana, Yes or No?

by Bedard55 on September 15, 2016 - 8:47am

North American people have a lot of rights and most of them are free to make their own choices. Although they must respect the law, they sometimes choose the wrong way and decide to go against it. This is exactly what happens to many young men and women who are involved in marijuana traffic and suffer from this illegal drug market each year in North America. However, legalizing, regulating and restricting access to marijuana would have many good effects on population.

First, legalizing marijuana will allow the government to have control on the product and the components which are used in the making of this kind of drug. According to several experts, this will be a considerable advance in decreasing health dangers related to the consumption of marijuana. In fact, a huge quantity of dangerous products is currently used to create that kind of drug. By regulating the marijuana industry, the state would have the power to decide which are the components that are not too dangerous for human consumption and which could be used in the production process. Second, legalizing marijuana will considerably decrease the level of danger related to the selling of this drug. In fact, this will essentially stop the crappy drug sellers from doing dirty money. Because of that, those sellers and all the people involved in the drug industry will be less engaged in shenanigans and violent actions. In brief, legalizing such a thing like marijuana is an excellent choice for society.


This topic interested me because the topic has been going on for so long and i was really looking forward to someone outside my friend group felt about the situation. My friend group is split between what the government thinks they should do. I liked how you gave solid facts on how it would truly benefit society, but i have to disagree because i feel like there are more solid facts on how there is more to lose than to gain in this situation. Studies have shown that marijuana unlike alcohol per say, is used until the point of intoxication or until the user gets high, which is very bad because a prolonged effect to marijuana can severely impact the cognitive ability especially when not intoxicated. Also the well heard marijuana is a gateway drug is very true. I unfortunately know people that have gone to far worse drugs than marijuana because the high they were getting was getting old and they wanted more of it and something stronger. I do agree with you that there are positive outcomes but the risks out way the rewards for legalizing marijuana.

This caught my attention because there's a lot of conflict and mixed opinions about this particular subject and it has been going on for really long. In my opinion, marijuana should be legalized because like you have said in this article, it would help control it and regulate it which would be a lot better. It would also bring a lot of money to the government and I think that alcohol is just as bad and somehow that is legal. I think people are always going to find ways to take this drug that is one of the least bad drugs and that it's way better to take control over it. With this said, is it better to legalize it and control it or to just let people continue and find ways to get it which could be mixed with other dangerous things?

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