Future is more exciting than frightening.

by Trudelitor on September 8, 2016 - 7:13pm

First of all, not knowing what’s going to happen in the future is a good thing. If we already knew exactly how our whole life is going to be, it would be very boring. Just imagine knowing the date of our death. Also, life is an adventure. Every day is a chance to learn and discover. It’s sure that sometimes adventures can be frightening, but in the end, the excitement surely surpasses the fear. Finally, living in fear will not lead to anything good. It’s better to see in the future an occasion to improve yourself rather than think about what can go wrong. See tomorrow like a challenge to win. In conclusion, the future will be like you decide. Make it the best it can be and it will be for sure more exciting than frightening.


I like how you ended your article response with the statement of see tomorrow like a challenge to win I find it to be like a small motivational quote if you will.
The one thing I noticed about this is I find it’s written from a generalized point of view. I’m not sure exactly what the context of writing this was so perhaps I’m wrong, but upon reading it I got the feeling that it was told from your perspective which made it seem like you were trying to sell everyone on how the mystery of the unknown is better. If you take someone who is very shy and have them move to a different city where they know nobody that is probably frightening for them. Kim Jung Ung having nuclear abilities is frightening to me for sure. I’m sure there are some people who would like to know what their future holds that way they can change things to correct their future. I wasn’t able to see the link to the article so again perhaps there was some stats that show people would rather not know what the future holds which would make me wrong but if there wasn’t any, I feel the response is generalized based on how you feel as opposed to a larger sampling of how people feel.

You're totally right. What I try to show here is my own perspective. I didn't do research to find if this statement represent the view of the majority. It's the thing like I see it. Not knowing what's going to happen in the future is a good thing to me. It push me to do my best every day in every aspects of my life. Maybe if I knew that all this effort isn't going to lead to something good, I would not give a 100% effort. This keep me alive and passionate, but I understand this is not the case for everyone. I hope that you understand my point of you even if my english is not quite good.

From my point of view as well, our future is kind of a surprise we all should be excited to reach. Although, I got to admit that our future is quite frightening because we definitely can't know as of now what's going to be the results of all our efforts to make it as bright as possible for ourselves. But overall, I believe you're right all along in the paragraph you wrote. Well done!

Hi. How are you? I am Daichan. Nice to meet you. I like your essay. Me too. I think that life is adventure!! We are able to learn a lot of things in this world, but I want to know about my future and I want to know when I am death. When I read your essay, I want to learn lots of things!!

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