Exciting Means Frighting

by noeyduchesne on September 9, 2016 - 11:42pm

The future can either be seen as something frightning or as something exciting, but it appears terrifying for most people.

First, the future is obviously frightning for those who struggle with finding their way. Of course, it makes them insecure about how and where they will end up.

On the opposite side, the future may seem exciting for people who have specific goals and who are planning to live in a certain way, but there is still a teryfying feeling. What if things don't happen the way they want? What if they don't succeed? There is always the fear of failing.

Finally, no matter how much people know about what they want to accomplish in life, things won't definitely be always easy. The way they will pass through the roughest moments will always sacre them. For example, moving to a new city for studying may appear exciting, but frightning at the same time, because it won't be simple every single day.

To conclude, there is fear in what seams exciting, but it may or may not be in a positive way.


I enjoyed reading your response because of your topic I find pondering about the future and trying to figure out what life holds for us is a really interesting subject.
The only problem I have with this response is it seems like there’s a false dilemma because the opening statement states the future can be seen as something frightening (if you are struggling to find your way) or something exciting (if your career goals are set). I believe there to be many other emotions such as confusion, if say you realize what you are studying does not really interest you or anger if you realize you’re stuck in a job that you hate. Can we agree there are more than two emotions that you state?

I like the way you think about it, because it's true to say that something exciting is also frightening. Nobody knows what will happen, so there's always a little fear of how things will go. I think it's a good thing because if you're not scare of anything, you don't enjoy the great times, because they are all great times. It takes some bad experiences to enjoy the good ones!

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