by Antoine Longval on December 4, 2017 - 12:04am

Terrorist attack on the way!


The article I chose talks about the return of all the Canadian that left the country to fight in Syria on the ISIS side. Since ISIS has been defeated, all the foreign fighters are coming back to their native countries. Most countries such as U.S., UK, France and Australia have order the death of all their foreign fighters and that they won’t be welcomed back and accepted in their country anymore. They engaged what they call the death squads which is consisting of killing all the ISIS supporters that went to fight for them. The death squad concept is only being applied on the battle ground. Based on relevant statistic given in the article, more than 200 Canadian terrorist travelers haven’t faced any legal consequences. On the other hand, Canada have taken little implication on the fighting against ISIS. Furthermore, Canada had denied their intention of joining the death squads but simply said that the returners of Syria and Iraq are under great surveillance and are going to be charged for terrorist act. Canada also cited their intention to send them in a rehabilitation program. The article mentioned how Canada is being “weak” in a certain way, such that Canadian ISIS supporters have it too easy. The country they are fighting against are not interested in being implicated with any violent act against that terrorist group, and are accepting their return in their country. I personally think that not joining the death squad is a good act from Canada. I think as a country we are promoting peace and respect. However, I think that in time of terrorist act we should take more severe precautions. I am not for the death sentence and far from that, all humans deserved to live, but I think that accepting those people back in our country is getting blood on our hands. I would personally restrict the foreign fighters by not letting them re-enter our country.  I know that our country is promoting and believes in second chance, but I think that terrorist groups are nothing alike “normal” criminals. The danger they represent is too high and risky. My personal worldview is against killing people and this is why I am so proud of being Canadian. We are a country with great leaders that are not promoting violence. Even if we are sometimes saw as weak by virtue of our lack of implication in army interventions, I think we are the country that is taking the most responsible and peaceful decisions. This is something that conforms with my personal world view. Do you think if every country was acting like Canada is concerning army implication we would live in a better wolrd with less conflict?





Dyer, Even. “’Canada does not engage in death squads,’ while allies actively hunt down

their own foreign fighters.” CBC News, 17 November 2017, http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/isis-fighters-returning-target-jihadis-1.4404021    Accessed 28 November 2017.



I certainly think that every country should act like Canada on that regard, adopting this type of mentality definitely makes me proud to be a Canadian, but we also have the biggest kill records of any country regarding high ranked terrorists, so are we really as pacifistic as we think we are? And if so should we still be proud of that?