Marijuana Legalization

by Antoine Longval on December 4, 2017 - 12:08am

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The next article is about the legalization of marijuana in Canada. As mentioned in the article, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to legalize marijuana in july 2018. By legalizing marijuana, he believes that criminal gangs are going to be affected a lot and could proceed to less criminal activity. Street gangs and criminal gangs are currently making millions of dollars according to the Prime Minister. He also believes that there will be a decrease in underage consumption (17 and younger). On the other hand, a lot are against. Police think that it will result in an increase in car accident. Police said that they don’t have enough police officers that are qualified to detect someone that is under the influence of drugs while driving and that they would never have time to form all their police officers by July. Furthermore, police and doctors don’t even know what is the level of thc in your blood that could be tolerated to drive. Moreover, doctors are not sure on the consumption effects on teenagers, which could be damaging their brains. I personally think that it is not a good idea. Based on the article, it seems that the government want to legalize it on the only purpose of making more money. I think that the population safety could be under danger because of our ignorance about the real consequences of marijuana. By legalizing marijuana in Canada, means also an increase in car accident and the ambience inside the country. Marijuana always has been known for making people lazy. I think marijuana is still a drug that we don’t know enough to legalize it. I would be for the legalization if there wasn’t so much unanswered question mark. Governments are not restricting drugs for no reasons, they believe it can be dangerous for their population to consume it. With past experiences, such as seeing my friends falling in the hell of drugs, I believe that individuals are not responsible enough to know their limits with drugs. The danger is not only the marijuana, but the desire to always get high. Marijuana at a certain level becomes a drug that is not strong enough and people needs stronger drugs. This is where it becomes dangerous for our population. People will be more tented to go try drugs now that a drug like marijuana is legal. Furthermore, I think that the consumption for the underage is going to increase, because their parents and their entourage are going to have an easy access to it and they may not hide it at all. We didn’t banned marijuana for no reasons, drugs need to be regulated by doctors to make sure the use of it don’t become an habit. Do you think a society in which drugs are legal would result in a successful society?




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I believe that if weed would be legal and controlled by the state they would make it cleaner and less available to criminals who lace their marijuana with the stuff that make people sick, criminals are always going to find illegal substances so the best we can do is take their business away from them

I believe that cannabis is actually a product that can help people who are actually on "strong" drugs. Cannabis cannot really be conisered one of the "strong" drugs because its effects are actually nothing compared to those drugs. You say that there is some "unanswered" questions on cannabis but i think you need to do your reserch. In all drugs in the world, being advil, alcohol and even your cell phone all have cons. Any drug in the world comes along with cons, you just need to inform yourself in the pros. A product that can be used for medcine, cloths and more can really help our economy and criminal acts going on. For the driving issue, the system just needs to implement laws agaisnt driving while smoking just like alcohol has. I believe if alcohol and cigarettes are legal and are way more addictive and dangerous killing thousaunds each year, then why is a drug who hasnt killed one person illegal?

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