Catalonia Independence

by Antoine Longval on December 4, 2017 - 12:07am



Catalans Independence


The article I’m presenting is talking about the independence of Catalonia. Catalonia is a region inside Spain, which contains important cities such as Barcelona. Catalonia is reclaiming their independence since the beginning of their creation, they always had been bullied and the Spanish government always tried to assimilate them. In the article, the Catalans are saying that they do not identified themselves as Spanish but as Catalans. Due to their major differences such as their language, culture and etc. Due to their bad treatment, they never felt welcomed in Spain and this is why they want to become independent. On the other hand, the Spanish government is prohibiting Catalonia of having a referendum to represent them for their independence since the 1978 Spanish constitution. They think that Spain is a special country with a lot of different cultures and languages. Spain also can’t afford to lose Catalonia, since it is one of the most lucrative regions of Spain on the financial part. Spain also don’t want to lose Catalonia since they fought to have Catalonia and they want to keep their country united. The recent referendum had been considered illegal by the Spanish government, but Catalans were still trying to vote. It led to police brutality and a high tension between the federalist and the separatist. I personally am not for or against either sides. I think that it is the type of problem that can only be solved with both parties agreeing and doing sacrifices. Catalans want more independence and want to control their own money. They feel the Spanish government is steeling them. This could be the first step to come to an agreement, give more autonomy to the Catalans. There is no right or wrong because the two perspective have pretty strong arguments. What connects with my personal worldview is that everyone should be free and have the right to decide what is the best for them. However, I also believe in the theory that freedom ends where other begins. I think for both parties this theory can be applied. Is it the freedom and right of Spain to keep his country united or on the other hand, is it the right and freedom of the Catalans to reclaim their independence in a situation that they are not in favor of? Do you think that a country government should have the absolute power over every region of that country?  




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In this case, Spain is obstructing the freedom of the Catalonian people, which defines civil right on a basic level, so it is clear to me who is to blame here.