The Assassin is Himself a Victim

by Tony on February 9, 2017 - 9:40am

I read in a CBC news article titled,”In his own words: Imam Hassan Guillet's address at Quebec City funeral for 3 mosque victims.”  Posted: Feb 03, 2017

The ceremony was held at the Quebec City convention center in honor of the mosque shooting victims Azzeddine Soufiane, Mamadou Tanou Barry and Ibrahima Barry. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau was also present at the ceremony as he stood with Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard during funeral services last Friday for the tragic attack on the mosque shooting victims in Quebec city. Three of the six victims who survived the ordeal are Khaled Belkacemi, Aboubaker Thabti, and Abdelkrim Hassane.  

Alexandre Bissonnette was charged with the assassinations of the Muslims with six counts of first degree murder and five counts of attempted murder. The charges of Bissonnette killings are still yet to be proven in court following the Sunday night mosque shootings but the case is still an ongoing investigation.

Imam Hassan Guillet comments that Quebec’s political and social discourse has been “poisoned” by fear and hatred of Muslims. Guillet states that the shooter “Alexandre, before being a killer Alexandre was a victim himself, before planting his bullets in the heads of his victims, somebody planted ideas more dangerous than the bullets in his head.” – Imam Hassan Guillet

We have 17 orphans. We have six widows. We have five wounded. We ask Allah for them to get them out of the hospital as soon as possible. Did I go through the complete list of victims? No. There is one victim. None of us want talk about him. This victim, his name is Alexandre Bissonnette.” Readers should be impressed with the compassion that this leader can have for the individual who caused such sorrow to the Muslim community.

Guillet sighs as he addresses, "Day after day, week after week, month after month, certain politicians unfortunately, and certain reporters unfortunately, and certain media were poisoning our atmosphere.” Guillet says that they don’t have enemies, but it’s a misunderstanding on some people who don’t know them.  

At the end of his speech at the ceremony Imam Hassan Guillet addresses the Prime Minister of Canada, “Mr. Trudeau let me address you, you have your immigration minister here. He is Muslim like me. Is he different than the others? I don't think so. We are citizens like every other citizens. We have the same rights and we have the same obligations. We should build this country together. In this way, we respect the memory of our dead. In this way, we take care of our orphans, in this way we will be good Muslims, we will be good Canadians, we will be good Quebecers.”  

I feel the Muslims are misrepresented in the mainstream news media as vicious radical Islamic terrorists, people who murder innocent people in the name of Islam without any basis of mercy in mind but to kill and keep on killing with unjust cause, even them suiciding themselves with strap-on dynamite at the time of their killings to kill even more. This image is ludicrous and unreasonable to me.

I have read their book of faith The “Koran” and it says nothing about killing innocent people but respecting and honoring God’s righteous people who pray and prostrate themselves beside them, to respect all mankind as brothers and sisters.  

Islam is an Abrahamic monotheistic faith in the belief of One God, Islam's Koran is a revision of our bible "The Old Testament" and "The Holy Jewish Torah". The Koran's teachings are seperated in chapters called Surahs. They incite to their people the past prophets of the old, like Moses the prophet who brought the ten commandments from mount Sinai, Prophet Abraham, Prophet Noah, John the baptist, Jesus, Mary and Adam whom they call the father of humanity, given to them by their prophet Muhammad who he was instructed by God’s servant Gabriel to write the Koran to give to his people, inside a mountain cave called Hira near Mecca during his fast alone, even if Muhammad was illiterate, by the graciousness of God Muhammad still managed to recite the Koran.

I feel people should learn about other people’s beliefs instead of judging them from their cover, they judge Islam because Muslims call upon God as Allah, the French call upon God as Dieu, as the Jews name him Jehovah, and the natives call upon him as Tshamantu.

In the Koran it is the prophet Abraham who names the followers of Islam “Muslims” and it is said the Lord’s peoples call upon him in the most beautiful of names in worship to him.      

Like Imam Hassan Guillet said, it's a misunderstanding of his people, when society hears Muslims pray and call out Allah, they say they are praying to their god, different god than our god, what foolishness when their is only one God of us all and they discriminate the Muslims believing they have the right to inflict violence, even murder followers of the nation of Islam, like it was their duty to, because of how they pray and speak a different language in worship, but I strongly disagree to what they portray Muslims as radicals in society.

Victims of last Sunday’s mosque shooting were taken early before their time, praying with their loved ones in peace at their place of worship in their mosque in Quebec City, killed for their beliefs. This was truly wrong in my book.

My link to my source I believe is a reliable source for it covers true news coverage for it is owned by our federal government and I have never heard of CBC news broadcasting fake news to my knowledge before from my past experience with the news.                                  


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