How Clean Energy Could Save the Environment: Three Articles Showing How It Can Be Done

by anthonydm on April 3, 2017 - 10:42pm

There has been a meeting at the World Gas Conference of Paris between the biggest gas and oil companies to discuss about natural gas’ environmental benefits.

News summary from an article written on BBC News by Richard Anderson on June 2nd 2015.

The meeting’s goal was for the companies to switch from using coal to using gas as energy. Rex Tillerson, the chief executive of Exxon Mobile, the oil and gas corporation, said that the increase in shale gas production would be "instrumental in reducing [the US’] CO2 and methane emissions back to 1990s levels." John Watson, the chief executive at Chevron, the American oil company, said that the global energy demand will rise by 40% by 2035. Bob Dudley, the chief executive at DB, said that gas was a better way to reduce our CO2 emission than by using renewable energy. Many environmentalists disagree, since a lot of them are saying that gas causes global warming since gas emit CO2.


i. For my research paper, I want to answer the question: Can clean energy realistically save the environment? I want to show how clean energy can be used effectively.

ii. & iii. I plan on introducing a pretty general article like Renewable Energy, written by Emily Trieu
The article discusses the use of clean energy as an alternative to fossil fuels. I could use this information to contradict the information stated in my last news summary, since environmentalists are saying that gas is not a clean form of energy.

 An article like READY TO GO: Who is blocking renewable energy? By Ben Courtice
The article asks if the topic of clean energy is realistic, which I think could be interesting to dig into. We often hear that clean energy is a remarkable thing for our ecosystem, but it is still rare in our world, considering its benefits. This makes me wonder if clean energy is too idealistic.

Alternative Energy, by Andrew Maxon
This article is mostly about solar energy, a form of renewable energy. This provides a lot of information about this form of energy, which has plenty of ways to be exploited.