Animal Cruelty Through different Disciplines

by AmandaMcc on March 26, 2017 - 8:52pm

Since I've been in my NewsActvism class, I have written several post about animal cruelty and abuse and even some of the laws put in place to stop it. This assignment, which was to find different disciplines that are related to my topic, which was animal cruelty, will help people would like to study different disciplines to fight against animal cruelty. The following three disciplines can be related to animal cruelty and how to fight it.


First Discipline : Psychology


The first discipline that would be beneficial to finding a solution to stopping animal cruelty is psychology. According to the department of Psychology at Concordia university, Psychology is the study of "brain process and behaviour- both animal and human- under various conditions."  This field focuses on the study of relationships, both animal and human, between the behaviour and brain. This field will allow students to work as a psychologist, therapist even medical research. So psychology is necessary to uncover a solution for abused animals. There are human beings who abuse and even kill their animals for fun; the root of this problem could stem from the person's own personal experiences. Therefore, it is very important to understand the environment that these people have been raised in order to prevent more animals being hurt and killed. When it comes to the issues of animal cruelty, the psychology discipline may not seem as important but it can help figure out why people will treat their animals in a certain way. The solution to this problem would be to focus on the main cause of this problem, which could be the environment, their upbringings or even a traumatizing experience that they had. If the minds of the individuals can be examined, perhaps their could be less stories about animals who have been treated cruelly by their owners.


Second Discipline : Law


According to the University of Montreal,  the bachelor of Law "offers comprehensive and diversified legal training and enables students to embark for a professional legal career." It also offers general studies in law to the students, but it also provides, for graduates, " specialized studies in various professional practices." Law is the study of the rules and regulations that are instilled in order to govern human interaction in society. This discipline ensure that justice is served to those who commit a crime. In many cases, animals are treated cruelly, some are known to have certain parts cut off or are starved, and they are victims of abuse.. By placing more focus and time in Law, abusive animal owners will be punished for their inhumane actions. Their crimes will not longer be ignored nor will they suffer from lax laws. They will pay fines and in most cases at least a few years in jail. The fines could be several thousand dollars, which could actually go to organizations, like the SPCA, though not an organizations could help more animals. It can also go to medical treatment for the animals who suffered various serious injuries at the hands of their owners. This punishment could serve as a precautionary aspect for those who abuse their animals. Also, the abusers will not walk off scot free for the things that they did.    


Third Discipline: Political Science


Political Science, according to the department of Political Science at Concordia University, " teaches [students]  about the ways that history, ideas, systems and structures give rise to power and authority." This program helps students learn to think critically about the relationships of power in society .  This program help students get careers in political campaigning and domestic and international law. This program can help people better understand what cultures view animal cruelty  as an ok thing to do and see how other cultures treat this problem.  This discipline can also influence the decision making process within groups and could get this problem more recognition and maybe get more supporters to try and stop this problem.

About the author

I'm Brianna "Amanda" McCulloch and i am a Champlain college student. I am currently in my last semester studying in the Social Science program. I enjoy reading and animals. In the future, i would like to be a teacher specifically for little kids who are 5 to 10 years old.