Multiculturalism in Canada?

by Kosta123 on February 24, 2017 - 11:56pm

Multiculturalism in Canada?

Generally, Canada is viewed as open to immigration and in the recent years a large influx of immigrants has arrived in the country. There are pros and cons to this however in recent study the government is trying to decrease the number of immigrants arriving to Canada. This will affect many perspectives like economy, however outsourcing can be seen as a good or a bad thing, it can allow more job opportunities for Canadians. Another social perspective that can be hindered due to this situation is the cultural aspect of society, for example Montreal is a very multicultural society, what would be the results if this were to change. Lastly the perspective of sociology will change due to the decrease of immigrants, this will cause Canada’s social outlook of its population to change drastically, because there will be less social values and norms expressed due to the lack of diversity.  

Considering the current situation towards immigrants the economic perspective could take a hit because of the lack of man power, an example of this can be outsourcing because with less migrants there will be more opportunity for jobs as well as the ones we do not desire to peruse. An article that expresses Canada’s economic situation and more specifically how immigrants contribute to the economy is “WINNING, LOSING, AND STILL PLAYING THE GAME: THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF IMMIGRATION IN CANADA” by Daniel Hiebert. Hiebert argues how the immigrant situation may have a negative aspect on society, an exert from his article is as follows  “I argue that the weak economic position of immigrants – particularly the fact that they do not compete against the Canadian-born in privileged segments of the labour market – is an important ingredient in the favourable public view of immigration.”. What he is saying is that the unprivileged immigrants who arrive in Canada may not have the right expertise for a certain profession. This is where outsourcing comes into play, should Canada leave its jobs to its citizens, or leave it to people abroad.      Would you want to peruse a job you despise?

            Now analyzing the cultural aspect, if Canada were to strengthen its laws on immigration there would be less multiculturalism less diversity within society. Looking at Montreal for example, we are considered to be a very multicultural society and this is a great thing because our society is unique compared to others as well is it caters to the needs of many ethnic people. An article that expresses this situation is from the Montreal gazette by Pearl Eliadis “Opinion: Scorn for multiculturalism in Quebec yields troubling results:” this article expresses that the parti Quebecois tried to block the candidacy of Tamara Thermitus to the presidency of Quebec’s human rights commission. A quote that represents a multiculturalism is  “But the broader issue of the rejection of multiculturalism in Quebec reminded me of something that Zadie Smith, the British-born novelist, said in November while accepting a literary prize: “The people who ask me about the ‘failure of multiculturalism’ mean to suggest that not only has a political ideology failed but that human beings themselves have changed and are now fundamentally incapable of living peacefully together despite their many differences.” That is not an outcome any of us should be prepared to accept.”. I believe if Montreal were to become less multicultural it would have a negative effect on society.   

Lastly to address the issue of sociology, if our society were to be programmed to be used to dealing with one ethnic group it would change our views on other people and their culture. This would be terrible because this like racism and prejudice would be a very big reality in our everyday lives. In her article “320,000 newcomers came to Canada in past year, highest number since 1971” Tavia Grant writes that more than 300,000 arrived in Canada in the past year. She mentions that it is the highest number since modern record keeping began; the previous highest number was in 1971 at 240,844 immigrants arrived in Canada. Over the years since 1996 we see as steady increase of immigrants, one of the reasons why this is, is because it will “alleviate the demographic challenges of an aging population.” Says Immigration Minister John McCallum. This article helps express sociology because it portrays the actual events of immigration in the recent years as well as gives proper numerical information on the topic, and this information gives us an idea on how or society can change.

To conclude the news summary on immigration in Canada and having gone through the three perspectives of economy, culture, and sociology we can see that each of these perspectives can take a hit in a negative way, for the most part, if there were to be changes in the immigration laws. At the end of the day we should ask ourselves, would I be happy if there was no diversity in my society?

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1.     What do you think would happen if Canada were to be less multicultural?

2.     Do you think Canadians should work in jobs that are currently being outsourced?

3.      Does the aging population of Canada trouble you?