Elephants in Kenya

by alexebelec on April 18, 2016 - 6:01pm

Richard Erskine Frere Leakey was born in December 18 in 1944. He was born in Kenya, and is the second son of his family. This men participated in many expeditions in his childhood because his parents were palaeontologists that have explored a lot in the Great Rift Valley of East Africa. In fact, he found his first fossil when he was aged of six years old.  During his teenage years, he went to England to pursue his study years. When he came back to Kenya, he started to work for the paleontological museum of Kenya. When he was 25, he won appointment as Director for the National museum of Kenya. After a year, he was diagnosed as having kidney disease and was indicated to have ten years of life left to live. He then married a zoologist named  Meave Epps. However, his younger brother made a transplantation with him and he was able to live much longer. In fact, 30 years after being the director of the museum, Leakey was still alive (“Richard Leakey Biography”).

He was called in 1989 to rescue the the country’s rhinoceros and elephant park that were poaching. There were several struggles that could lead to animal extinction. He has perhaps created a very good army of anti-poaching unit. Also in 1989, he has burned 12 tons of confiscated talks. Because of those gestures, the elephant population in these parks started increasing again. The World Bank was so amazed of his achievements that it increased a lot of grants to Wildlife Services. (“Richard Leakey Biography”)

However, in 1993 his plane had an unexplained equipment failure, and perhaps crashed into mountains. This is linked to people from Kenya that are in a disagreement with him because of his gesture.  Since this gesture, he executed four more, which makes a count of five gestures in order to save elephants in Kenya (Panos 2016). Leaky is a very generous of his time and he clearly enjoys animal.


This person can link to my previous articles because it is about the care of animals. However, in my articles, I usually write about animal shelters, but I found this article more pushed, to prove that there are animals in the Wildlife that are suffering too. Those animals are prisonners of nature, because they are cannot leave, because they are already stuck in nature!





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