Defeat dictator

by Gretta-olivia on April 10, 2016 - 11:59pm

Name: Gretta-olivia Ineza

Course: New activist

Date: 08-4-16


                                   Academic research and the news


Burundi, a country located in Central Africa, is in the middle of a war, since April 26, 2015. Citizens held a protest against the candidacy of President Pierre Nkurunziza, for a third term. The law of the country's constitution says that each elected president is allowed to have only two term. Unfortunately, Nkurunziza chose, at the end of his second term, to violate the law by forcing a third term amid the disapproval from the population. Up until today, citizens who protest against this illegitimate candidature are killed by law enforcement. George Ayittey¢s article ²Defeating dictators: fighting tyranny in Africa and around the world. ² appeared in Palgrave-Macmillan was published on 2011. This post offers potential solutions to defeat dictatorial regimes and explain what factors lead to revolutionary success. This article could help citizens of Burundi to find ideas to get out of their current situation. First of all, the citizens of Burundi could regroup, militarize and establish means to revolt even more, but it's clear that it's going to take some time. For example, it took three years for South Africa to finally organizes elections and end apartheid. First, an ideal revolution for Burundi is to start with the diffusion of intellectual freedom and freedom of speech. Ayittey explains that authoritarian rules begins to crumble once people feel empowered to express their views or to state what kind of government they want for their country. Indeed, to defeat a dictator, revolutionaries must put in place a professional security, which in Burundi could actually be hard because the government and police sides with the president but with time I do think they could find ways, also an efficient civil structure, judiciary system, an independent media, electoral commission and a central bank. Like I stated before, time and patience is needed for the revolutions to be a success. Before the institutional reform, people should have a control of the state then political reforms must begin.