Bill and Melinda Gates

by catherinegamache on April 18, 2016 - 10:35pm

Bills Gates is a famous American businessman and entrepreneur. In 1975 he co-founded Microsoft, the biggest PC software company in the whole world. He is now part of the Forbes list of the world's wealthiest people. He have been declared the wealthiest person several times throughout his life and he officially is since 2014. He has a net worth of approximately US$77.3 billion. In 1994, Gates married Melinda Ann French and together they created Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in the year 2000. Since this year, their foundation is recognized as the world’s “transparently operated private foundation”. This foundation mainly focusses on crucial issues such as “extreme poverty and poor health in developing countries, and the failures of America’s education system”. Also, it not only operates and helps in the United States but also worldwide. Due to the enormous amount of money possessed by the couple, they can invest and help people in many different parts of the world. I chose to focus more about the work that they do in the state of Washington. This state suffers from major problems due to financial inequality and poverty. Actually there is about 20,000 people who are homeless in Washington. This number is very high and this is why Bill Gates and his wife decided to donate $1 billion. This money is used to “ensure a quality education for all children, reduce family homelessness, and support the most vulnerable families in the state”. Their main strategy is to donate a certain amount of money and to after collaborate with the “public, private, and nonprofit sectors”. The foundation’s fundamental goal is to give to the unfortunate children and families more opportunities and to get the homeless people off the streets. In 2000, the foundation created the “Sound Families Initiative” which is a $40 million program spread over eight years that have as goal to triple the number of transitional housing. At the end of 2008 we could the impressive results that this initiative has engendered. Unfortunately, this plan did not entirely resolved the homelessness problem in Washington but, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation continues to find solutions to end it once and for all. The foundation of Bill Gates and his wife directly relates to the problem of homelessness, which I have been writing about throughout this semester. Homelessness and poverty is an issue that concerns many people around the world and the Gates found a way to make a significant change. 


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