Animal Abuse is Wrong

by alexebelec on May 4, 2016 - 10:49am

Even during the twenty-first century, there is still violence occurring towards animals. Several laws were newly installed in order to help animal cruelty situations, but there are still a lot of animal abuse occurring in the world. In this essay, animal abuse will be argued to still be common nowadays for small animals and farmed animals. It will also be viewed as the responsibility of a  veterinarian to see and protect the animal’s rights whenever it sees animal abuse made on one of their patients. Finally, this essay will be compared to a previous study about animals that have been abused in Israel and saved by a couple. 

To start with, animal abuse is still very common in our world. Animals are not protected by all the ways they should be.  Moreover, animals are only protected from physical harm, the inflection of harm that can be verbal towards animals, injuries and intended pain (Zilney 2005). These are the easiest ways to protect animals. However, there are more abstract abuse forms that still currently happen, because animals are not protected from those issues. In fact, 90% of the animal abuse that happens are forms of neglect. Neglect is described as the failure to care properly. This indicates that 90% of the animals around the world do not receive the care they necessitate (Zilney 2005). Also, farmed animal abuse passes more easily. Likely, a study made by Bauston presents a way to discover a lot of animal cruelty that is still happening under our noses in public auctions. His suggestions are to get to the auction before it start, and bring a camera. Then, the author suggests to go into the auction and look around with the camera, without drawing any attention. Sometimes, there are some auctions that are worst than others, but with the documentation of the auction made with a camera, no one can deny the reports of animal abuse (Bauston 2001). This method helps to report animal abuse. However, since we are in the twenty-first century makes us people with acknowledged to problems that have occurred in the past, and we are supposed to learn from previous mistakes. This is however not what is happening in the world right now. This situation could be compared to the First World War, because the world did not learn from it, and did not understand they had to do something different, which lead to the Second World War. This analogy is extreme but still describes the same problematic pattern. People do not learn from things that were proven to be morally wrong.  In order to create a better world, other new laws need to be created in order to help decrease animal abuse and get the world to acknowledge that animal abuse is wrong. Maybe with a little more compassion towards the creatures living with us in the world, we could perhaps become a better world. 

To continue, there are several cases of animal abuse that are reported to veterinarians around the world. People call them whenever they find their animals in a critical condition, or even if the they have hurt them themselves. The abusers usually do not care telling a veterinarian because the veterinarian has a privacy policy with the owner of the animal. However, veterinarians are mostly and most commonly formed and known as the bridge of the a animal-human bond. In other words, they are the ones that help to make a connection with the animal and the human (Lofflin 2016).  So veterinarians do not perceive themselves as an authority to denounce the owner of its abuse, because they are supposed to do everything in their possible in order to help an animal get better, which is usually what makes the owner happy again. However, animals have nobody else to defend them when their owners abuse them. This is why  veterinarians should step up and start helping defenceless animals they come to help. Also, another important reason why veterinarians should bring up the subject of animal abuse is that Researchers have proven that animal abuse can lead and is associated to interpersonal violence (Lofflin 2016). It always starts on something less important, and in this case it is the animals. So whenever a veterinarian sees animals violence, he or she should report it, since it is a sign of violence that can become bigger. 

Finally, this essay can be related to a news article summary about a couple saving a lot of abused dogs in Israel. In fact, this particular couple owns a dog shelter. They usually go all around the world to help animals in need. This time, in Israel, they have found an animal shelter that was crawling with animal abuse. In fact, there were rats everywhere, they did not have food for several days, they were filthy with lice.  The 250 dogs that were currently taking care of at that place were all suffering from neglect-ion to get healthy again. Seeing those animals made them realize how miserable the life of those animals were like. They brought them back to Ontario in Canada, where there animal shelter is located. This couple shows that there is not only animal abuse in Canada, it happens everywhere, and they are only one little drop in the whole Ocean, which is why we should really start helping animals to get rid for good of animal abuse. Animal abuse can happen everywhere and at anytime. Even if it is not made over humans, we should consider their struggle as important as human abuse, since they do not have anyone to defend them. They are perhaps lonely. 

To conclude, animal abuse happens as well on small animal than on bigger animals such as farmed animals. Veterinarians are also aware of animal cruelty, and they should have the right of accusing people of such a thing, because animal cruelty can lead to interpersonal violence. There is also a very generous couple that helped 250 dogs that were living in misery in Israel, which demonstrates that all around the world we have the same animal abuse problem. There are as much in evolved countries, such as Canada and The United States of America, than in countries in development, such as Kenya and Israel. Human beings are supposed to have a superior brain, and be more evolve than animals. However, why do we treat animals in a horrifying way, when we know at it makes them suffer and they are weak against us? That is a question that will remain for a while, because human kind is known as being slow with change, but laws are slowly getting installed in order to protect animals, meaning we are slowly getting there. 



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It's very heartbreaking to see that animals are still mistreated today, despite all of our education and laws. I would suggest looking into the law, and seeing the penalties for animal abuse, perhaps that's the reason it still happens is because the punishment may not be severe enough. You could also look up some animal rights experts and maybe see their take on the issue and what their suggestions are, this might provide you with more insight.

I would first like to say that this article truly is enlightening on the subject of animal abuse and inspire many reflexions. But there were a few points that left me doubtful.

1- The research that proved that animal abuse led and is associated with interpersonal violence. I believe that this premise may be deceitful as many necessary informations about the research were omitted: how many were already violent before purchasing a pet, how was the data concerning interpersonal violence obtained, how many individuals were studied, were they from all age groups and of different economical status or were most of them on the lower part of this ladder, etc. All these are significant factors who may also explain interpersonal violence, thus weakening it’s link with animal abuse.

2- About the interpersonal violence and animal abuse association, I find this argument for laws against animal abuse far-fetched. Should there be laws to protect the animals or the relatives of a violent owner, on whom are we focusing on? And this interpersonal violence may not find its roots in animal abuse nor may not be ended with laws protecting the abused animal. Violence toward others is, I think, an entirely other debate and its presence in this one can be seen as a red herring that cannot justify the conclusion of creating new laws to protect animals.

3- Although I do not doubt that animal abuse is a global issue, I do not think that the sole story of the couple having found "an animal shelter crawling with animal abuse" (paragraph 4) can justify the conclusion of "all around the world we have the same animal abuse problem." (Paragraph 5) I think that only justifying this conclusion with this one case in Israel is a hasty generalization, because nothing has been said about the other 194 countries in the world. Mentioning factory farming may be a better way to justify the global aspect of animal abuse.

What do you think about it? Did I misinterpret some parts of the texts? I would love to hear further from you on this often overlooked topic.

I completely agree with you that animal abuse is wrong and it is something that has to stop. If you are interested, the Montreal SPCA is an organization that believe the same thing that you do. The SPCAs mission is to “protect animals against negligence, abuse, and exploitation, as well as represent their interests and ensure their well-being”. Their goal is also to “raise public awareness and help develop compassion for all living beings”. The SPCA are trying their best to help stop animal abuse. They also hold many events to help raise money to fight for their cause, like the Beasts of Fashion gala. I see that you are very passionate about this cause, and if you want to volunteer, you can. They offer many programs in their volunteer team, like welcome new animals or care of the animals, to name a few. All you have to do is send an email to or go on their website.