Abstract: How to manage diversity?

by isabelbarroso on May 2, 2016 - 8:49pm

Migration in the world is strating to have an impact on everyone. This reality is tranforming societies into multicultural ones. Plural societies are often having all sorts of trouble while dealing with all their differences. All cultures cherish their identities and want to preserve them. The question of how societies should manage the cultural ethcnic, racials, and linguistic differences stays a controversial debate. Is it possible to manage diversity into multicultural societies? Several models are proposing solution to create perfect cohesive communities. Educational effort and political effort are the two solutions to solve multiculturalist problems. 

Living in a multicultural community is a motivation for searching how to make it better, everyone should care about it because its problems are concerning all of us. With the help of several research, I found solutions to make plural communities better. 


Hi! I just wanted to start off by saying that I also wrote a paper on civil rights of a minority group (Native Americans). In my paper I also talked how colonialism has had such a negative impact on this particular minority group, and perhaps in yours you can include that aspect as well (if it's relevant, of course). Some cultures are more privileged than others, and it's important to take that into account when researching solutions and academic papers.
Additionally, I think you should have mentioned the solutions very briefly in this post to engage the reader. Other than that, good job!

I'd be really interested in reading what problems you address and what solutions you propose. I've written a lot about diversity (and the lack thereof) in the entertainment industry, and I think tackling issues relating to multiculturalism on a more social level would really affect the situation in Hollywood for the better. If people are more in tune to the different cultures that exist not only globally but also near their own homes, then I think they will be in a better position to understand why the lack of diversity in movies and TV is such a problem. I believe that creating strong, encouraging and welcoming plural communities is definitely key is achieving this goal, and think it might be interesting to look into what other positive consequences the development of multicultural communities could have.

Your topic is very interesting and original. I actually never though of doing a research paper on diversity and multicultural integration in a community. It is true that we all have different backgrounds and come from different places, and this is why we have to learn how to live in a community and respect and enjoy each other. It is good that you included political and educational information to find a solution to the issue. Also, the length of your abstract is perfect.