Renewable Energy: Tesla has a Solution

by AlJazayri on October 15, 2017 - 12:22pm

Renewable energy has been a matter of discussion for a long time now and the matter is still unclear to most people. What will happen when the reserves of oil are emptied out? What will be the solution for energy in a world where humans can no longer count on non-renewable energy sources to function?

The article from mmccalli talks about Tesla's plan to make renewable energy reliable and accessible. Their project is to build a battery bank tor South Australia that would be the biggest grid-tied system built yet. Such a project would mean a better stability of the electric grid and a reduction of the cost of energy for the customers. Energy storage is the biggest limiting factor in renewables. With this new project, Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) will forever change the face of renewable energy. 

The author also touches on the role Canada will play in such a situation. With an economy which is highly based on oil to grow, this project could be an occasion for Canada to rethink their economic strategies and turn towards an energy use which is safer for the planet and which has a brighter future. 

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