How a Fashion Trend is Made ?

by rebecaplourde on March 22, 2017 - 3:48pm

Fashion is becoming not only a job, but a passion for young people who like to dress themselves as fashion consultant. It is more than just a step in a morning routine, it is a way to express yourself and show who you really are. Fashion trends are becoming more popular these days, nut only a few people know how a trend is made. It is a nine step process that can not be easier to understand.

Before everything, here’s a tip: creativity, originality and an open-mind are qualities that are needed to create a fashion trend. Trends can be popular in the simplest way. First step is easy, share big ideas! Anything can be taken as a good one, no need to be shy. An idiot idea can be transformed into the next big trend! The second one is to research raw materials. Textures materials, for example faux fur or even velvet can be good. Jeans, cotton and satin are all déjà-vu! Be original with something rare or eccentric. Studying colors is the step three. Black, white and blue are not the only colors in the whole world. Be spontaneous with a silver, a gold, a bright yellow. Trends are made to rock the fashion industry and grey is not a good choice to show off. The fourth step is to determine the final look of the piece of clothing. Will it be a dress, a t-shirt or a skirt? Overalls are great too! Step five is to send the final result to concerned people. The directors of The New York fashion week, for exemple. If they like the idea, then it is time for step six. If not, then restart. Step six is the preparation for the seventh one, send it to the company. Step seven is the best one: the creation hits the runway! The most influent people in the fashion world are there, the big clothing company, celebrities, models, creators, magazines. Ager the runway, it is time for step eight: the promotion. The creation is everywhere, on TV commercials, on covers of magazines, Vogue or Cosmopolitan, for exemple, even on buses. After the customers had seen the trend everywhere, then they can but it, because the final step is to send the trend out!

Remember, the most important step is to be original! Trends that are déjà-vu will not be popular. Determination is the key and following these nine steps should help to start an incredible trend. 


I agree when you say that fashion is no longer a job and that it's a passion! I think that you are right when you say that it's a way to express ourselves. A lot of people are introvert and only express themselves that way and their only way of showing their colors is to wear what ever they want!

Wow! I did not know how fashion trends were made! Your article explains it really well. However, I think it could have been clearer by dividing your steps. Overall, your work is very good and I appreciate it.

Great work. We can see your passion about fashion in your text. Fashion world looks very fun, if I read your texts. However, you should do more paragraph, it is easier for the reader to understand your text when it is divided. Overall, your process is very interesting. The picture you used is very beautiful, it attracts readers.

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