How to Be a Successful Group Animator

by alexe2858 on March 24, 2017 - 2:45pm


A Social Worker can use many techniques to help people with difficulties. The method we see most often is the individual one. Therefore, in the practice of social work, it is as important to intervene in groups as to intervene individually. Most of the time, people will feel more comfortable to talk with people experiencing the same situation. When the group animation is well done, the members will move forward faster with the advice of the rest of the group. Various steps are required to be a great group animator. Prepare yourself, choose a favorable local, make sure to have a good body dynamic and ensure participation.

First, prepare yourself to be able to apply the right information and concepts to the right problems. A draft copy of what is going to be seen in the meeting is a necessity. The animator wants to know as much as possible before the group session to have enough content to guide the members. When all the collected information are gathered the animator can move to the next step.

Secondly, the environment is important for the members and the animator, which is why the local where the animation is going to take place has to be clean and big. If the local is too small, members will not have their personal spaces and they will not participate as much as if they would have space.

Third, the animator must show confidence, joy and respect because he or she is the only person that can guide the members. If we refer to the figure 2, the animator must follow these rules to be able to bring confidence, joy and respect to the group. The animator has to make sure to smile and to make eye-contact with the members to show compassion and empathy. The group animator also has to make sure that the members are respecting each other and has to stop the negative leaders.

Finally, a good animator must ensure the participation of all the members so they can move towards their goals. As we can see in figure 1, to make sure that the group is growing, the animator must maintain a facilitating climate by stopping the members that are talking too much and by giving chances to talk to the members that are more shy.

In conclusion, to be a successful group animator and help as many people as possible preparation is a must, a local where the members will want to easily talk about their difficulties is a necessity, a great body dynamic that will show respect and confidence is always good to create a sense of belonging and participation is very important for the members to achieve their goals. Therefore, if there is one advice to remember for the practice of social work it is that all the confidential information must stay between the members and the social worker. 



Your text was really easy to understand, On the other hand, i think it would have been clearer if it was more structured. Beside that, you did a great job and i love that you put a picture!

Hi, I very like your choice of subject! It is something not discussed frequently, but very important to our society. I would like a little more explanatiosns about the requierements to become social worker. Your conclusion, just like your steps, are representative of the position. You did a great job because there's a lot of thing I didn't know before reading your text.

Hello Alexane, your subject is great and well explained. I think it is useful because people often underestimate how is complexe to be a good group animator. It will maybe be more easy to follow and remember the text if the paragraph have subheading. You used good pictures as reference and some great advices in the conclusion.

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Alexane is at her second year in Cegep de Jonquière. She always wanted to help and save people, this is why she is studying in Social Work. She is passionate about understanding human psychology.