The creation process of a publicity

by Maeliemartin on March 24, 2017 - 11:10am


Publicity is something that surrounds us in our everyday life, but a lot of people do not understand the process that is behind all of those creations. There are three main aspects in this process which are: finding the problem, exploring ideas and finally, creating the publicity.


The creation of a publicity, whether it is a television, radio or a classic poster ad, always takes place in a publicity agency. In this agency, a whole team of directors, digital creators, strategists and other gather to deliver a final product to the company. The first step to finally submit this final product is meeting the client. The strategist’s team and the main director then have to identify, with the client, the problem they are going to solve by creating this publicity. This «problem» could be anything such as the need for the company to have a new image (logo, type of publicity used) and that way, reach their target audience. Once the problem is identified, the next step is to brainstorm. The strategists and creators teams say as many ideas as possible, either they are considered good or bad, and try to find the better way to solve the problem. Then, when the best idea has been chosen, the creative director has it approved by the client. Once the client approves, the creative team can begin with the creation of the visuals. Those are usually made with software programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop. When finished, the visuals are presented to the client. If he approves them, they are finally published in strategic places to reach the target audience. Then, the next step is, of course, for the client to pay the agency that made the publicity for them. An approximate price based on where the publicity will circulate, the number of copied, the working hours of the agency team and many other aspects has been fixed to give the client a general view of the costs. The final step is to monitor success to determine if the team reached their public, and give feedback to the client.


In conclusion, the creating process of a publicity can be summarized in three simple steps. First of all, the agency’s team identifies the problem to be solved with the client. Secondly, the group working on the project finds the best way to solve it. And finally, the team creates this «best way» by making visuals that are going to be published in strategic places. Even though publicity and the media that are used to create and spread it always change, those steps remain the same.


Your text is about something I did not knew before. I learned something by reading your text but some terms are not defined. It is sometimes difficult to understand what you exactly mean. For example, it is difficult for me to make the difference between the professionals of your field. Weither this little confusion, I think that this text can be easily understood by non-expert.

Good article! Your sentences are good constructed and even if you did not exlpain the terms that might be hard to understand for a non-expert, I think that a non-expert can understand the principle of how making a publicity. However, I think it would have be a good idea to separate the steps in different paragraphs. It would have help to readers to define each steps more easily. Overall, with defined steps in different paragraphs, your article is really helpful to someone who wants to understand the process of creating a publicity.

Very good work! your text is really easy to understand for a non-expert and we can easily know how publicity works. however, the steps are not really defined clearly so it's a bit hard to follow the step by step process. It would have been a good idea to put different titles to make it a bit clearer. I think that with a little bit of work on the step paragraphs, your text would be more easy to read and for the readers, it would be more easy to learn all the steps to create a good publicity.