My opinion about Ethical Business

by Jean-Simon Boivin on February 8, 2013 - 3:40pm

Jean-Simon B. , Groupe 1030 CEM

According to me, ethical business is a way to follow that contains different criteria that we have to respect. For example it means to make clean money respecting laws. Ethical business examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problem in a business. Ethical business is applied to individuals and also the organisation. Business ethics can take two dimensions: normative and descriptive. It’s used for financial operation, human resources and management, sales and marketing, the production, the property and to resolve different issues.

My article talks about ethics in the work place and gives example and a good definiton of it. Also, the article is talks about a new way concerning ethics in a business.




I love your article and she got all my attention because she goes straight to the point. All the informations that we need to know are clearly specified. I did not know that the Ethical Business has two dimensions. It is important to bring the subject by two diferent ways. I like that you put some exemple at the end, your article seams more complete. I alreay had a boss who did not respect moral values and that was very bad. I think that in a companie it is very important to specify all the rights and laws to be sure that everybody is equal. Finally, your article describe all what I think of ethical business.

Jean-Simon, you think excactly like me in your personal definition of Ethical Business! I can see that you understand the business ethics in a form of professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems in a business environment.  It applies to all aspects of business,like you said, and it is about the conduct of individuals and entire organizations. The article is clear and developed, i like the way you express your ideas. Also, the summary of your article is corresponding to your definition, then it is easier to understand all you explanations! It is a good example according to all the people who works in companies and do not respect the laws, like we can see sometimes in the news. Good work mister Boivin.

Good way of thinking buddy!

In my life, I heard a lot of stories but yours is incredible. I love the way that you write, that you explain your thinking. Just by your writing you can show how smart you are, how sensible you are.. I would really love to indroduce myself to you in person, it would be an honour. But seriously, like you said, the respect is a very important criteria to be respected in the company where you work. I chose this article because we are on the same wavelenght.

I’m totally sharing your point of view Jean-Simon. Our companies should not be able to do want they want and they should think about the ethical part of business. They should return to the population what was given to them. For example, they could give money to charity organisations or to redistribute a little bit of their wealth to the community in witch they are. Employees can also do some voluntary work for charitable organism I heard about some companies receiving prizes for being ethical. I think this reward concept can be good to encourage companies to give back to society. Businesses are always attracted by money; this is their ultimate goal. If we give them some money prizes, they will clearly do some efforts to become ethical. If we give them honour prizes, they will acquire some respect and notoriety in the society and their sales will increase for sure! Either way, companies and communities will be happy.

Here is an article that explain the concept of the rewards and of an ethical company:

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