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Do animals experience happiness?

Sustainable Happiness F17
Do animals experience happiness?   Some people do think that animals can feel emotions and some do not. They may act like they do feel happiness, but are they able to feel it? This question will be studied to be able to see more clearly. Animals can certainly feel fear and this has been proven in...

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Free Smoothies

Sustainable Happiness F17
  As we all know, the end of semester is a period where students are overloaded by exams and projects so their level of stress and fatigue is high. It is hard to stay focused when you do not have enough energy and sleep. This is a period where we have a lot of things to do at the same time and it...

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Is generosity linked to happiness?

Sustainable Happiness F17
As we all know, Christmas is coming really fast and this time of year can be really stressful but at the same time so beautiful, we need to spread joy and happiness around us. Some people do not have the chance to celebrate Christmas however being generous by giving some second-hand, unwanted toys...

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Does money buy happiness?

Sustainable Happiness F17
Sustainable Happiness Portfolio: Activity 7                 Marie-Jeanne Boudreau Does money buy happiness? 
 It is a question that has been asked for many years now, and yet, many people do not come up with the same answers on the subject. That is mainly due to the fact that people have different...

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Money and happiness

Sustainable Happiness F17
 Le prix du bonheur      À mesure que les années avancent, les gens ont de plus en plus d’argent et le coût de la vie augmente de plus en plus en raison de l’inflation. Le salaire minimum aux États-Unis a passé de 2,10$/h en 1975 à 8,25$/h en 2015, selon une étude de David Stockman. De telles...

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Can animals feel happiness?

Sustainable Happiness F17
Many societies, especially western societies, worry more and more about animals’ rights. Animals have the right to live free from harm in many countries in Canada, but can they tell the difference? In order words, do animals have the capacity to be happy? It is important to consider if farm animals...

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Does money buy happiness

Sustainable Happiness F17
  Does money buy happiness?                 In a capitalist society, people are encouraged to buy more and more products because they are in a society where conspicuous consumption, which is the action of buying expensive items to display wealth and income rather than to cover real needs, is put...

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Does money buy happiness?

Sustainable Happiness F17
  Just think about people who win the lottery. In an instant, their everyday life changes completely and they might believe their well-being will change for the best. Nevertheless, certain studies demonstrate that life does not become ideal when winning the lottery. In fact, it appears that it is...

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Living on minimum wage

Democracy & Cultural Diversity F2017
This article talks about something that touches millions of people across North America; the poverty trap that is minimum wage.  The authors believe that minimum wage should be brought up to at least fifteen dollars an hour in order to allow people to actually be able to use their money. They talk...

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What purpose does film serve in the history classroom or in the telling of history?

Film and Modern History (Fall 2017)
What purpose does film serve in the history classroom or in the telling of history?   Film can serve a very useful purpose in the history classroom. Watching a historical event unfold on the movie screen can stimulate one’s senses more that reading about the same event in a textbook or listening to...
Brian Bushnell

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The Dishonest Handshake

Contemporary Issues Winter 2018 - Centennial College
The Dishonesty of a Handshake    

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Fake News: Asian leaders are going crazy

St-Fé Winter 2018
Fake News: Asian leaders are going crazy  

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US college student fails assignment due to professor's belief Australia is not a country

Contemporary Issues Winter 2018 - Centennial College
An Australian professor teaching in Southern New Hampshire University fail her student Ashley Arnold for saying that Australia is a country. The instructor explain to her that “Australia is not a country, it a continent this error made it nearly impossible for you to accurately complete your week 2 research outline correctly”. In fact, Australia could be consider as a country and continent at the same time.  Ashley taking her final course to get her sociology degree so she really need this grade to graduate.

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The Chinese Media Attacks Trump

Contemporary Issues Winter 2018 - Centennial College
On Friday China denied Donald trumps report said that china has been selling oil product to North Korean and it violation of UN as the result of the fake news people have been criticism and mockery Trump as “Stupid”.   On Thursday China did not do as US told them to do, the US told them to blacklist the six-foreign flagged ship, 5 out of 6 flagged ship were own by china and Hong Kong and because of that a U.N. Security Council diplomat in Washington said he believe that there was an illegal trade between China and North Korea.

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Fake news around the Houston hurricane

Contemporary Issues Winter 2018 - Centennial College
The article talks about the fake news around the Houston hurricane. In the article, the author proves to readers that the pictures circulating around social media or other news were actually fake. The pictures illustrate planes underwater in the Houston airport during Hurricane Harvey. Through the article, Snejana Farberov proves that all pictures were not true, and actually from simulation that was put together in 2013 by Climate Central.

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The Extent to Fake News in North America

Contemporary Issues Winter 2018 - Centennial College
This news article jumps right to the point when stating in its headline that it will be addressing fake news, regarding a train that hit a garbage truck near Charlottesville, Virginia. A passenger in the garbage truck died. However, just 65 minutes after this article was posted, a fully-fledged conspiracy theory was launched and promoted on twitter. The conspiracy states that the train crash featured republican members of the U.S congress, and it was a false flag orchestrated by the Deep State, in an attempt to avoid the release of FISA abuse.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are hit with a fake news article claiming they are filing bankruptcy

Contemporary Issues Winter 2018 - Centennial College
On the 3rd of December 2017, an article was posted on the patriot post claiming the Jacksonville Jaguars, an NFL team since 1993, was filing bankruptcy because of the kneeling of multiple players on the team. On August 14th 2016, Colin Kaepernick started a protest by kneeling during the national anthem that is sang before every NFL game. His cause for this process is to raise awareness on the racial inequalities present in the Unites States of America.

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The Bomb of Missing People

Contemporary Issues Winter 2018 - Centennial College
Elena Cresci is a young woman who attended Cardiff University and received a diploma in Journalism and also attended Swansea University in English Literature and German.I would consider Cresci a reliable source based on her education level and experiences working for The Guardian and Channel 4 News. This can be seen as a credible source that can be taken seriously.

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"Fake News" Causes Mass Fear Over "Deadly" Vaccines

Contemporary Issues Winter 2018 - Centennial College
On January 15th, 2018, a writer, Baxter Dmitry posted an article on the site “”, that sparked controversy on vaccinations. He claimed that this years flu shot did the exact opposite of what it was suppose to. In his words “Many health officials believe that 2018 will ultimately be the worst flu outbreak that we have experienced since 1918.”. With a bit of research it was easy to find out that this was not as true as he made it sound.

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